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‚ÄčReturn Policy

Description of merchant's offer
When a merchant offers to sell goods or services at a distance, the law requires that he supply you with a detailed description of his offer, which must contain the following information:
merchant's name, address, telephone number, fax number and e-mail address;
detailed description of each good and service offered for sale;
total amount of purchase, including cost of good or service, related fees and taxes;
description of potential additional costs, i.e. customs tariffs, broker's fees, etc.;
transaction currency (Euro, USF, etc.);
if applicable, delivery date, means, time and carrier;
in-house policies for cancelling a purchase, returning merchandise, exchanges or refunds.

Consumer's consent
This information must be clearly visible on the merchant's website or, if the transaction occurred by telephone, it must be given to you verbally. The information supplied by the merchant must be easy to understand in order to allow you to accept or refuse the offer made.

Conditions for cancelling a purchase
The law allows you to cancel a purchase when the merchant fails to respect one or more of his obligations:
the merchant has not respected his primary obligation to deliver within 30 days of the date indicated in the contract or another date agreed to in writing with you. If no date is indicated in the contract, you can cancel within 30 days of the date of purchase;
the documents are not delivered in time to allow you to use the services or attend an event, in the case of transportation, lodging, restaurant services, events or shows;
if the merchant has sent you the contract but you cannot print and keep it, the contract can be cancelled within 7 days of receiving it;
if you have not received a copy of the contract within 15 days of the transaction, the cancellation deadline is 30 days after the transaction date.
You are legally entitled to cancel your contract any time before it is executed if:
the merchant did not give you the compulsory information;
the merchant did not give you an opportunity to accept, refuse or correct the information concerning your purchase before concluding the contract ;
the merchant did not transmit the information indicated in the offer so as to guarantee that you can print and keep it;
the contract does not respect legal requirements.

Consumer's responsibility
A merchant is deemed to perform his/her primary obligation to deliver if he tries to do so on the date indicated in the contract, at a later moment agreed to with you in writing or on the date indicated in a notice transmitted within a reasonable time frame if he/she was unable to deliver due to your actions or negligence for example, if the delivery was made but you did not take possession of your package and it had to be returned to the merchant.

Cancelling a remote-parties contract
You must send a notice of cancellation to the merchant. The law requires no specific model for the notice of cancellation or particular means of transmitting it. The cancellation takes effect the date the notice is transmitted. We recommend that you keep proof that you sent the notice.
The merchant must refund your money within 15 days of the date the notice was sent.
You must return the goods in their original condition within 15 days of sending the notice or 15 days after delivery if was delivered after the purchase was cancelled.

When you place a deposit on an item to have it held for you, a contract is formed between you and the seller. By making a deposit you are assured that the seller will hold the item for you, the seller is assured of a buyer. If you decide not to purchase the item, the seller is under no legal obligation to return the deposit to you. You may forfeit the deposit because the item could have been sold to someone else while you were making up your mind.